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Maximize Your Warehouse Efficiency 

Modern online warehouse management software


Improve Performance And Process Time

Better organize your warehouse with the smart double entry inventory system 

Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations. Zildia's double-entry inventory has no stock input, output or transformation. Instead, all operations are stock moves between locations. 

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Reduce Your Stock Level And Avoid Stock Outs

Take advantage of automatic replenishment methods

Reduce your stock while always staying replenished! Zildia Inventory is fully integrated with the Purchase module, so you can trigger automatic RFQs to your suppliers when your stocks levels are too low.


Enjoy Advanced And Automated Functions

The most advanced systems in a very simple user interface

Handle complex routing such as drop-shipping, cross-docking, and multi-warehouse in just a few clicks. Zildia routinely integrates them into the system.

In just a few clicks, you can set up drop-shipping rules for each product to automatically have them shipped to customers.


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Order items by weight, size and quantity, and allocate a specific location to easily have each new shipment sent out to other locations.

Create rules to automatically transfer items from one warehouse to another and keep stock levels optimum.

Forecast Quantity

System even able to provide Forecasted Quantity so that your Sales Represent knowing the stock availability to prevent over commit.


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Experience Full Traceability

Keep track of every stock move

Keep an eye on all your stock by tracing all your past and future inventory transactions.

Track in detail all stock moves, in your warehouse and everywhere else your stock goes. Browse through the upstream or downstream traceability flows to get a clear view of what happened to a specific product or shipment.

Get Clear And Complete Reporting And Dashboard

Keep an eye on the efficiency of your warehouse

Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions, using reporting and dashboards. Design custom dashboards to analyze your warehouse efficiency at a glance. Dig deeper with real-time reports that anyone can create and share.


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