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The days of painful integration and reconciliation between different apps are over! Manage every single aspect of your business in one efficient, well organized place. 

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We've got all your bases covered - And more !

  From managing contacts with your customers and building websites to keeping track of your inventory and financial statements- Zildia makes it easy. Find all your software needs combined in one central place, allowing for  maximum synergy and countless saved hours of work !

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Build Amazing Websites 



Intuitive Web Design


Live Chat 


Generate More Sales 



Email Marketing



Makes Selling Easier 

POS System




Lucky Draw


Manage Your Finances 




Bank Statements 


Control Logistics 




Centralize Infrastructure  








Make More Money With Less Work

Without Zildia, countless hours of an employee's work week are wasted. Time spent searching for information in different programs and feeding it into another is in itself unproductive and only cost you money.

Allow your staff to concentrate on meaningful work -Work that brings in money and gets the company ahead !

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Boost Your Company's Productivity 

Besides being a centralized system that brings order and system into the processes at your company, Zildia also offers effective tools that allow you to increase your performances 

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Point of Sale System

Constructing and operating a user friendly Point of Sale System has never been this easy. Zildia POS is fully integrated with our other apps like inventory, accounting and invoicing. All the important data is reliably forwarded exactly to where it's needed - with no extra work !

Online or offline and compatible with any hardware, our POS System provides you with an intuitive and effective way to make sales while maintaining absolute control.


Invoices & Accounting 

Convert your quotations instantly into usable invoices without any time ! No need to enter any data over and over - we've got you covered.

Track all of your bank account movements in a central place along with the statuses of pending invoices. One single glance will give you clearance about your company's numbers and any outstanding, unpaid or overdue payments. 

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eCommerce & Websites 

Intuitive design and seamless integration with payment, shipment and marketplace providers allow you to create strong sites that cement your brand expertise. 

Back that up with hard numbers from tracking, effective tools for SEO & more and built-in live chat and helpdesk functions. These allow you to refine both the efficiency of your website and the customer's user experience, creating a strong and lasting customer relationship.



An artisan's work is limited by the tools he has. The same thing is true of companies. 

Zildia allows you to save vast amounts of time while simultaneously earning more money.

 Is there a better deal for an ambitious and hardworking enterprise ?


" Zildia is the easiest way to keep your records as well as invoicing your customers. The invoice software has a fresh design and is very easy to use. I would definitely recommend this software to anyone looking for a simple way to avoid accountants and keep your records tidy and safe. " 

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Ms. Wong
Kulim Typewriters

  " Last time salesman need to call back office to check stock but now they can check inventory themselves through mobile phone or tablet. This safe up everybody time. " 

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Ms. Chin
Web Satp Solution

" I love the way your invoice works. I am having an extraordinary experience because it is so easy and user friendly. " 

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Ms. Chloe
Paradise Beauty Salon

   " It is really superb and easy to work. " 

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Mr. Adrian Ooi
Let's Vape Malaysia

" I am glad different samples and types of invoices are already made and ready to use which makes life much more easier and convenient. Thanks a lot ! " 

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Ms. Ang
Volente Deco Consultant

  " Zildia is one of our favorite POS because of its intuitive interface and powerful inventory management. See if the features and pricing are good fits for your small business. " 

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Ms. Chin
Genius POS System

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